**Please note these are all Dash 04 Fittings**


The Dyme Rattlesnake toolkit allows you to measure the exact length and angle of your hose assembly down to the millimetre while significantly reducing your time, cost and frustration. Custom hoses and fittings have remained one of the most challenging, time consuming and expensive parts of any build or vehicle sustainment. Guessing what you need, wasted material, wasted time, mistakes, leaks, confusing catalogs, no warranty, poor testing, difficult assembly and expensive wholesalers make plumbing your vehicle one of the most difficult and frustrating parts to get right. We’re changing that. Our system harnesses a hose measuring toolkit and e-commerce technology to simplify the design and delivery experience, providing assembled, tested, cleaned, custom hose assembly parts anywhere in the world. Due to our physical and online tools, along with state of the art manufacturing, we ship in hours, not weeks, adapting the very best proven racing and aerospace materials, integrating them into a single seamless system that is accessible and affordable by everyone. No longer do you have to rely on your local hose supplier. HOW IT WORKS - Once the variables of your hose design, stipulated on the toolkit, are uploaded to the dymepsi.com website, your hose assembly is manufactured to your exact design, it is then cleaned, pressure tested, certified and shipped, ready for installation. Perfect fit first time, without the frustration, time wasting and cost of the hose being too short, too long or in the incorrect orientation.


Tool Kit Includes:

1)  Fittings: 2x Straight, 2x 30°, 2x 45°, 2x 60°, 2x 90°, 2x 120°, 2x 150°, 2x 180°, 2x Forged 45°, 2x Forged 90°, 1x T-fitting, 1x Y-fitting, 4x Size Adaptors, 1x Large Dial (Length & Angle Adjust) and 1x Mini Dial (Angle Adjust only).

2)  Hose Segments: approximately 1 meter of segments included in each toolkit. However if you require more, packs of 60x Extra Hose Segments can be purchased from the Shop.

These Rattlesnake Toolkits will change the way you look at plumbing your vehicle by saving you time, money and frustration.